KYEARN ARCHITECTURE is a Sydney main based boutique architecture firm led by Kyearn Ngoi. KYEARN ARCHITECTURE is a young at heart architecture firm who believes in making architecture and the world a better place. We are a playful, fun and energetic firm with people and management that has extensive experience in architecture in the industry for a long period of time across sectors in residential, multi-residential, education, commercial, healthcare, aged-care &  interiors.


KYEARN ARCHITECTURE believes strongly in opportunities and adding value to every project regardless of its size. We strongly understand our client through vigorous open discussion to ensure that complicated projects are simplified and managed holistically with our clients.

Our practice core emphasis are creativity with every project we undertake and diligent in every work we do. We challenge the status quo and push the boundary in every project we undertake. We strive to provide an architecturally aesthetic and creative architecture that could add benefit and value to every projects.

We craft each project to its best value, ensuring that is a timeless piece of art that would stand strong and proud. We ensure that feasibility and design are in balance and every possibilities in the project are explored to obtain the best solution catered for the project brief and vision.